Saarang – Day IV – Rock Show

I’m posting in reverse chronological order because that’s the way my memory works.


PrestorikaThese guys were awesome, I loved their music … and the name – a play on ‘perestroika’ perhaps. Since then I’ve been looking through the Internet trying to find their music, and managed to get to Prestorika’s downloads page, and to my surprise they had 4 tracks listed there under a Creative Commons licence, fascinatingly evolved idea. I’m pretty sure they played Not My Way at the concert, I recognise the music but I’m a bigger fan of their other songs – Hoist My Soul and Shameless Pride. Near the end of the concert this guy from the audience jumped the barriers onto the stage and hugged the vocalist and disappeared the drummer ended the show with one flashy act – jumping from the top of his drum-set and smashing the high hat on the ground. As soon as the lights and microphones were off some 100 guys near the stage started jumping up and down calling for an encore performance and in a few minutes the whole crowd was back to listen to one hell of a neat cover of Maiden’s Fear Of The Dark. Damn good show.


Firebrands opened for Prestorika — they played a lot more covers among which there was one very interesting version of Another brick in the wall which sent Suren into conniptions. Their music wasn’t something I’m a great fan of, but the rest of the guys there seemed to enjoy it like mad because the audience was jumping up and down like it was a revolution or something. They had a DJ dude who was wearing this hood through out the show (in the damn heat) and who Suren likened to a stock broker. As a matter of fact, Suren had this conspiracy theory that the whole act was a cover up for a raid on NASDAQ (don’t ask). I missed the beginning of the show since I was watching JAM where two of my comrades were valiantly attempting to fight the IIT jabber machine. By the time I was there Marc was already referring to the band’s frontman as Cartman and Suren was comparing his (admittedly superb) guitar skills with the lead guitarist. These guys had the crowd really going, but not my kind of music frankly, or at least not the way it was done. They had a flashy end though where the drummer jumped from the top of his drum-set and smashed the high hat on the ground. Flashy.