Book Meme

He had just finished, and had put the packet in his pocket, when in the court below resounded the cry:…Crime and PunishmentFyodor Dostoevsky.
I’ve been reading this book for a while now, and it is depressing. I don’t think I’m going to finish it. How did it all start? Well, one day I told myself, “I shall no longer be ignorant of English literature, I shall read The Classics”. Well here I am, with a Classic, and it’s goddamn depressing.

Saw this on the blog of Jono Bacon of Jokosher fame. Because it’s so cool, I’m going to share:

  • Grab the nearest book.
  • Open it to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
  • Pick the closest book, not your favourite. C. & P. was nearly edged out by my cousin’s Engineering Mathematics. Close one.

As revenge for previous acts, and just because I want to hate on some people, I demand that everyone do this.

Hello lazyweb

Hello World, I’ve been waiting for the chance to see your face.

There’s a jingle that starts that way, where have I heard it? It’s stuck in my head.

Update 15/04/2010: I’ve got it! The awesome power of the Internet at work. Thanks to ‘naam’ on the Discovery Channel forums, I was able to get a copy of an episode of Travelers and get the intro theme out of it. The only reason I even found out what it was is because of the first comment here, courtesy S.a.

Amie Street – Again

Amie Street Logo I lost my old account details from more than a year and a half ago, so I have a new account there. Since it’s got that new fangled social networking thing going, here’s where you can choose to add me as a ‘friend’.
The way it works is that the most popular songs on the site cost something like 98¢ while songs that have just been added to the site are free. If I’d been in the US, Whitesnake’s latest album Good to be Bad would’ve been free. Ah, well. Here are the albums I got:

  • Crazy World – Joe Savini
  • Gangrene – Gangrene
  • self titled – censored
  • There’s something about Huckleberry’s music in Derail and Tragicomic that makes me miss Trichy loads. Sadly both those albums were only released to the US.
  • I already have Us Against The Crown from State Radio, which is one awesome rock/reggae band.

While I’m talking in disjoint sentences like this I might as well mention the other music that’s caught my attention lately:

  • Din Din Wo – Habib Koité and Bamada
    If anyone sees a place I can buy Muso Ko, let me know. I suddenly have a thing for Malian music. It came with Vista along with a bunch of other songs.
  • Blue Öyster Cult – I’m crazy about this band’s music. Especially Astronomy, Burning for you, Joan Crawford and the old favourite (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.

Airtel much faster than usual?

I once complained about Airtel, and what a bad experience getting a connection was, but once you’ve got the connection it’s perfectly alright and pretty reliable. I’d signed up for a 256kbps unlimited plan, and today when I was downloading java and tomcat off the ubuntu servers, I got the following readout:
Fetched 51.6MB in 12m5s (71.1kB/s)
Watching the stuff download and timing it, it was correct. I was getting 11 MB every 4 minutes. That’s more than twice the rated speed. I hope this isn’t some glitch in the system, maybe they’re just giving us a look at how faster connections are so that we’ll be tempted to upgrade. I must say that I am. The worst, of course, would be if they’ve accidentally switched us onto another plan with a bandwidth limit. I hate those, you have to keep track of how much bandwidth you use, the Internet shouldn’t be like that. Always on, ready to do what you want at a reasonable pace.

Marc claims that they must be stress-testing their connections, or perhaps letting people have extra bandwidth. That’s an interesting idea and he came up with an even better one — They’re showing off, ‘putting scene’ :D If so I hope they keep having excess space in their tubes :)

It’s still going on, I downloaded the Java SDK at 200 kB/s and now my upgrades are going at anything between 70-100kB/s.

UPDATE: As of now (8:40 IST), the connection is back to rated speed. It was fun to play with some high capacity though. My router mysteriously restarted just before I noticed that speed was back to normal. I hope the two things aren’t related.