Airtel much faster than usual?

I once complained about Airtel, and what a bad experience getting a connection was, but once you’ve got the connection it’s perfectly alright and pretty reliable. I’d signed up for a 256kbps unlimited plan, and today when I was downloading java and tomcat off the ubuntu servers, I got the following readout:
Fetched 51.6MB in 12m5s (71.1kB/s)
Watching the stuff download and timing it, it was correct. I was getting 11 MB every 4 minutes. That’s more than twice the rated speed. I hope this isn’t some glitch in the system, maybe they’re just giving us a look at how faster connections are so that we’ll be tempted to upgrade. I must say that I am. The worst, of course, would be if they’ve accidentally switched us onto another plan with a bandwidth limit. I hate those, you have to keep track of how much bandwidth you use, the Internet shouldn’t be like that. Always on, ready to do what you want at a reasonable pace.

Marc claims that they must be stress-testing their connections, or perhaps letting people have extra bandwidth. That’s an interesting idea and he came up with an even better one — They’re showing off, ‘putting scene’ :D If so I hope they keep having excess space in their tubes :)

It’s still going on, I downloaded the Java SDK at 200 kB/s and now my upgrades are going at anything between 70-100kB/s.

UPDATE: As of now (8:40 IST), the connection is back to rated speed. It was fun to play with some high capacity though. My router mysteriously restarted just before I noticed that speed was back to normal. I hope the two things aren’t related.