Phone Recaptured

It’s not often you get to say good things about the police, but they managed to retrieve my mom’s phone, stolen in November, and they caught a store owner selling these stolen phones. My mom managed to find the IMEI of her phone and after telling the police, those guys tracked it down to some guy who claimed he borrowed it from his friend, who claimed he bought it from a store. Well, that’s where the chain ends. Like, major props to those cops. Remember to memorise your IMEI or store it somewhere. You can get it by dialing *#06# on the phone.

You see what you want

I saw this research paper on Slashdot that claimed that you see what you want to believe and the first thought that crossed my mind was Rashomon, a brilliant film by Akira Kurosawa that I really enjoyed back when I saw it. I didn’t know it was based on a short story, but it’s really interesting.

If you want to watch a couple of Kurosawa films and you don’t want to buy the DVD, you can rent them out from Cinema Paradiso or Ric Video. There are some real gems there.

Techofes » Washed Clothes + Seven Days

What a name! Jesus.

I went for the rock show at the end of the technical festival, and there’s nothing I can say. As soon as Washed Clothes started everyone started leaving, and when Seven Days was playing the whole place was nearly empty. It was quite sad. The music, of course, was just fine. Seven Days was amazing, their covers were pretty damn good reproductions of the original versions. It was okay, could’ve been nicer if the stage was lower, if there were more people, if all the expensive lights were used, but these guys were really good, I wouldn’t mind paying to listen to their next show.

Airtel much faster than usual?

I once complained about Airtel, and what a bad experience getting a connection was, but once you’ve got the connection it’s perfectly alright and pretty reliable. I’d signed up for a 256kbps unlimited plan, and today when I was downloading java and tomcat off the ubuntu servers, I got the following readout:
Fetched 51.6MB in 12m5s (71.1kB/s)
Watching the stuff download and timing it, it was correct. I was getting 11 MB every 4 minutes. That’s more than twice the rated speed. I hope this isn’t some glitch in the system, maybe they’re just giving us a look at how faster connections are so that we’ll be tempted to upgrade. I must say that I am. The worst, of course, would be if they’ve accidentally switched us onto another plan with a bandwidth limit. I hate those, you have to keep track of how much bandwidth you use, the Internet shouldn’t be like that. Always on, ready to do what you want at a reasonable pace.

Marc claims that they must be stress-testing their connections, or perhaps letting people have extra bandwidth. That’s an interesting idea and he came up with an even better one — They’re showing off, ‘putting scene’ :D If so I hope they keep having excess space in their tubes :)

It’s still going on, I downloaded the Java SDK at 200 kB/s and now my upgrades are going at anything between 70-100kB/s.

UPDATE: As of now (8:40 IST), the connection is back to rated speed. It was fun to play with some high capacity though. My router mysteriously restarted just before I noticed that speed was back to normal. I hope the two things aren’t related.

When it rains it pours?

I just noticed that Iran just lost another line. So two lines were taken offline for maintenance reasons and then suddenly 3 other lines go down just then? I’m willing to bet that the crew that went in to fix the first broke line broke the second and third through incompetence :D

But seriously, it makes you wonder. Fine, the first two lines were taken offline intentionally, but then within a few weeks they lose 3 other lines. I’m no conspiracy theorist but it looks really weird to me.