The danger of football, and other things

Do you know that you can’t play football on the beach over the weekend any more, not even on Fridays? There’s no problem with frisbees, cricket or volleyball, but football is simply not allowed – and I suppose neither is rugby. You know, the beach used to be like the golden age of Man: written law was needless where none oppressed, the law of Man written in our breasts. The one last bastion of freedom, where you could do almost anything you want. Now, it’s like any other place, encumbered by meaningless laws, unwritten and enforced by megaphone and wooden stick.

Update: Apparently, Adithya is responsible for this; his confession is in the comments.

I would be incensed if it weren’t for the fact that now I have to drive just a further 3km. While on driving, my attempts to emulate hypermilers has led to partial results – I think I get something like a kilometre or more per litre out of the car. Must work on the gear shifting, but this old vehicle jumps even when you’re in the same gear. It’s embarrassing.

There are funny films. I like them. I saw one today: Death at a Funeral. Worth the rent.

18 thoughts on “The danger of football, and other things

  1. George. They didn’t allow you to play that day because one of the guys hit the ball to the road and it went near the police car. Then after that one of my friends rolled the ball on the pavement and hit some old lady. It just touched her lightly and it was on the ground but she went and complained. That’s why they didn’t let people play. Also those old men come and sit right where we play and then complain about it. Why do you think they weren’t turning on the lights. They thought it could be a deterrent that would stop us from playing.

  2. Ah ha, Adithya. Old ladies are always a problem. Today there were a couple of old men there and they were sitting right behind where we placed the goal posts.

    We asked them if they could move and they very nicely moved a certain distance off. Nice, no? Lucky us. We didn’t get grumpy people.

  3. And certain young ladies get teased by these Football playing Gentlemen. And they happen to enjoy it too. But some people nearby who feel movies with titles ‘No Country For Old Men’ shouldn’t be overhear and complain to the Police The other day, Police were trying to be plain clothed very badly and kept scrutinizing our actions. And they got bored and went away to have a cup of tea.

  4. George I saw you guys playing there. You refused to play a match with my team. I know you have had bad experience before but come one that was a long time back :D

    Most old people don’t move. Even families try to camp at the place where we play.

    Arun the women don’t mind. I don’t understand why you do? Just because you are scared to do it yourself!

  5. Ha ha, Arun, plain-clothes policemen. I bet they stood around the police car talking to the other fellows, or maybe they carried around lathis. Absolutely, those Brit comedies are really good.

    Adithya, of course I know you aren’t responsible. But it’s more fun if I tell everyone you did it.

    Families definitely don’t move, I would’ve if I had a family, but these people are just crazy. I don’t think Arun minds either, he’s just saying it happens.

    As for not playing with you guys: It isn’t that :D You guys are much better than most of us, and if you consider the numbers if all of us play with you some of us may never touch the ball. That’s no fun :P

  6. No, they were not that stupid. This guy was dressed in formals and wore polished leather shoes. His hair and moustache were trimmed to perfection. You could tell the way he sat and watched us. A lonely person would either take a walk or talk on his phone or something. This one was trying to appear conspicuous but all he did was watch us.

  7. Ha ha Arun, yeah, someone pointed out one to me today. They’re actually pretty obvious once you’re looking for them.

    Isha, that’s not a good idea. I has a cat, and you know me. I can do anything. Football most certainly does _not_ suck. Besides yes, Germany is playing now and then

  8. Ha ha, that’s true. And then one day you go mad when something bad happens to you and you can’t believe it, so you laugh thinking it’s happening to someone else. Or perhaps not. But it would be cool, if so.

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